Located in the heart of downtown
Woodstock, Ontario 
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  • Coffee Break $44.99

An assortment of gourmet coffees, Coffee flavouring syrup, chocolate coffee beans and cappuccino coffee sticks, Two Bears cold coffee, Balis Best coffee candy.

Yule Luv It $89.99

Rothchilds Celebrate gift set, Water Bridge Allsorts, Macy’s cheese sticks, The fugdery fudge, Brittles n More peanut brittle, Living Alive Granola, Droste chocolate, Sonoma Jack cheese, Yorkshire tea, hot chocolate & assorted peanut brittle sitting on top of a gorgeous Rothschild’s giftset.

Mug $19.95

Attractive ceramic mug filled with hot chocolate mix, marshmallow hot chocolate dipper, Walkers 2 fingers shortbread & Pirouline chocolate hazelnut wafer.

Chocoholic  $46.99

For the chocolate lover in mind. A delicious selection of gourmet chocolates, peanut brittle, chocolate pizza slice, chocolate drizzled caramel corn & hot chocolate mix.

Season's Greetings $75.00

A decorative Christmas tin filled with Fraktals chocolate, gourmet cheeses, chocolate mint sticks, glitter spread, and crackers.

Festive Flavours $139.95

Magazine holder filled with everything needed for a gathering with family or friends, Gunn’s Hill artisan cheese, crackers,  Rothschild organic sauce, Rothschild pretzels, Gourmet du Village maple balsamic, Volpi salami, Applewood smoked cheese, Boursin, Thornloe cheese

Christmas Treats $24.99

Kuchenmeister cake, nutella, Moss Jam, Gourmet du Village, Ghirardelli squares Walkers 2 fingers shortbread, Nutella, Yorkshire tea & Baron premium chocolate bar.

Tea Time $45.95

2 Cup mini tea pot, filled with a selection of gourmet teas, mini honey, MacKay’s lemon curd, Shortbread cookies.

The Snacker $45.00

Metal red Nutcracker basket filled with Buddha hungry coconut chips, Castello brie or camembert, Sprucewood shortbread, Fraktals chocolate and Mary’s pretzels.

Gift Baskets

Canadian Maple $40.00

The all local Canadian maple products, maple syrup, maple leaf cookies, shortbread cookies, tea, coffee & fudge.

Gift baskets are a great  gift idea.

At Dairy Capital, we have a wide assortment of gift baskets for every occasion.

Cocktail Hour $100.00

A selection of gourmet cheeses, crackers, Rothschilds raspberry salsa, Gourmet du Village dip, Sasko hot chocolate, cookies, Scottish minced meat pies, Brandy beans, cheese knife, mounted on a practical ceramic bread dipping board.

Thank You  $69.95

Basket filled with tea, chocolate coated vodka beans, dip mix, cheese, coffee, red pepper jelly, crackers, trail mix, gourmet sauce & gourmet dip.